The philosophy behind AK is focused on one primary goal and that is to achieve the best possible outcome and a successful end result, protecting in that way its clients’ interests and rights. We pride ourselves for approaching each and every case with a unique interest, aggressiveness, passion, commitment and professionalism regardless of the claim. The awareness, keen eye for detail, commitment to success and competitiveness are characteristics that are well rooted in all litigants that represent AK.

Our aim is to achieve a successful end result for all clients with minimum time consumption and a cost-effective basis. We undertake all litigation, dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration cases varying from different areas of practice enabling the AK team to establish a dynamic, expertise and reputable practice.

Special reference is made to the below procedures, which shall be seen as broadening the scope of AK’s litigation capabilities rather than limiting same:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures, such as Arbitration and Mediation;
  • Corporate Litigation which necessitates under the Companies Law and other similar or ancillary Law pertaining to procedural matters of a corporation such as Shareholders disputes and liquidations;
  • Family Disputes (including applications for parental care, maintenance/alimony, divorce proceedings, division of marital assets);
  • Restructuring and Insolvency;
  • Personal Injury and Negligence claims, such as road traffic accidents, insurance, defamation, libel, slander and negligence claims;
  • Civil and Commercial claims such as contract claims and disputes, banking and finance disputes, landlord and tenant disputes, employment disputes;
  • Admiralty Disputes such as arrest of ships, salvage claims, disputes related to the construction or maintenance of a ship and generally any claims that arise and are in the exclusive jurisdiction of the Admiralty Court;
  • Recognition, Enforcement and Execution of foreign judgments in Cyprus;
  • Debt recovery and Debt collection;
  • Interim orders of any type (including of the type of Mareva Injunctions – freezing of bank accounts, Norwich Pharmacal, Chabra Orders, Anton Piller Orders, Anti-suit injunctions and Gagging Orders);
  • Passing-off Claims;
  • Administrative Disputes;
  • Fraud and Asset Tracing;
  • Human Rights Claims both domestically and internationally.